Rainbow Insurance

Rainbow Insurance located in Margate has been in business for going on 25 years. The original owner Les Newman recently passed away but his achievements live on at one of largest single agency locations in Florida. His attention to detail was fascinating and a visit to the office will usually take an extra ten minutes as visitors often explore the unique pictures and decorations that cover the office from top to bottom. Rainbow Insurance is part of the Florida First family of insurance agencies and you can reach us at 888 206 0565 from 8-8 5 days a week and 10-4 on Saturdays.

In 2013 SEK Holdings purchased Rainbow Insurance from Les who stayed on for a few months to help during the transition and the entire staff truly respected and admired their leader who took enormous business risks with some paying off huge and some not. But a testament to his legacy are the people that still work there and were taken care of by Les. He helped the personally when they had problems and was always available to offer encouragement. In the insurance business, like most cutthroat industries the onus is on the owner to pay the staff as little as possible in order to preserve the liquidity of the agency but Les always paid more than market and was rewarded with loyalty and an incredibly dedicated staff that treat the business as if it were their own.

Use our quote form below to explore the auto product offerings that Les worked so hard to get as contracts in the insurance business are very difficult to get. You have to show production in order to get an appointment but how do you show production if your a new agency? Mostly, you have to beg and sell your way to it. Well Les did and right below you can get a Rainbow Insurance auto quote and if you find the right policy you can bind it all on your own and have your insurance identification moments later and be road ready. Get road ready and get a quote now!